Heidi is family. She is my husband’s newly engaged cousin and when we went on a trip to visit them up near the Wisconsin border I thought it might be a good opportunity to practice another genre of photography: Engagements.

“Hey Heidi, have you guys got engagement pictures yet?”

“No,” was her simple reply.

I said, “I brought my nice camera along with me, and I wondered if maybe I could take some engagement pictures of the two of you, ya know, for practice.”

“Yeah, sure!”

And we planned for the pictures to take place on an upcoming evening during the “Golden Hour” – that wonderful time of day where the sun has begun to go down and if you’re not too late on catching it, will cast a lovely glow that enhances back-lit shots (sun behind).

It went a little awkward at first. I didn’t exactly bring a posing list with me. But these two loosened up quickly (I did tell them to kiss a lot….a bit pushy, I know, but they were all for it!) What I thought would be a few decent shots ended up turning to LOTS of good shots! They were so pleased they asked me to do their wedding. So without further ado, here are some of the shots from their Engagement. (Click the thumbnail for an enlarged slideshow.)


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