I began my photography journey back last year when a friend of a friend asked me to photograph her daughter for her senior yearbook entry. I was super nervous going into it, and even had our mutual friend join us because I really wasn’t sure of myself. I made some rookie mistakes (railroad tracks), but the experience turned me on toward considering photography as a potential life path. Since then I have done many other projects, but haven’t had the opportunity to do another senior session…until this last weekend. I was approached by an acquaintance who needed a rescue! Her daughter was about to miss out on her opportunity to get a quality photograph to submit to her yearbook. We met at this neat tunnel going under the interstate that has graffiti all over it, which also happen to be known as “Graffiti Bridge” to the local High School students. We also went to a beautiful farm inbetween West Frankfort, Illinois, and Benton, Illinois. The old barn there made me so giddy (just ask Ashton). I even snapped a few of her little sister (she’s 15! I have to wait 2 years to do her senior photos!!!) We had a lot of fun, and I’m excited to do more seniors this coming year!


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