One quiet afternoon while all the boys in my house napped, I stole away to location search. I went up to Rend Lake near West City, Illinois and happened upon this beautiful location. I knew that I wanted to bring someone back here to take photos very soon. The opportunity came when my dear friend Keely asked me to take engagement photos of her and her fiance, David.

It was beautiful out for being mid-October, albeit a little chilly. The meadow was strikingly vibrant and the bright hue of the grass complimented the fall colors in the trees. They brought lovely props, including David’s very own manuscript for a novel he wrote! He dedicated it to his true love. We (us girls) really wanted to lay the pages out on the ground and have them lay on top (thank you Pinterest), but he wasn’t too fond of the idea, so we had to do without *wink*. The water of Rend Lake was so engaging and so we had some fun with highlighting the sunset.

Enjoy the gallery!



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