It has been a long break for me from Photography! Last November I got into a head-on collision on my way to drop my kids off to be babysat before a photo shoot. It happened near the end of the month, and I decided to take the rest of the season off. To say that I’m itching to get more shoots in is an understatement, and things are picking up for me! And as for this darling mama? Stunning…she is stunning.

Benton Maternity Photographer Southern Illinois Maternity Photoshoot

Fields of Gold


I told Erin that we would be going a couple of places for her shoot. I told her to meet me in Buckner, a small town in-between the ones we lived in, and to meet me at the local business there. From there we hopped on over to a nearby field right next to the road. I had driven past that field so many times and craved to put a pregnant mama in it so bad. LOL.

We spent a bit there and then drove on to Rend Lake for the remainder of our shoot. A couple years ago I took her sister to this BEAUTIFUL spot near the Lake. I felt like it was my secret place. It wasn’t immediately obvious and I stumbled upon it during a location-scouting trip. The moment I walked up the grassy hill my heart stopped. It was Mid-October, and I had never seen grass so green. This time around the grass was not as green, and it was very high, so we didn’t use the field, but rather this gorgeous cleared out area nearby. The LIGHT coming through the trees was STUNNING. Photographer’s dream.

Maternity Photoshoot at Rend Lake near Benton, Illinois

Gorgeous Light at Rend Lake for Erin’s Maternity Photoshoot.

Maternity Photoshoot at Rend Lake near Benton, Illinois

There is something about a pregnant mama that makes her so stunning!

I had to go in for a closer view, because her eyes are so pretty! Can you tell she really is glowing?

Glowing Mom during Maternity Photo shoot at Rend Lake near Benton Illinois

There is something going on here! She is glowing! I love maternity sessions!

After standing in the woods, we went back to the Lake and got some sweet shots in the sun. Erin told me that it was her dream to model and I seriously think she is amazing at modeling!

Rend Lake Maternity Photo session Southern Illinois photographer Benton Illinois

Lakeside beauty bump in all its glory! Aren’t those glasses amazing too?! I love being a photographer!

Rend Lake Maternity Photo Session, Benton Illinois Photographer, Southern Illinois Photographer

I can’t even! She is such a beautiful model for me! Maternity sessions at Rend Lake might be my favorite thing eva!

All in all, I love my job. I love that I get the joy and honor capturing the beauty and elegance of this season in a woman’s life. If you are looking for a Maternity photographer, let’s talk! Head on over to my contact page here to send me an email! And I’ll end this post with the rest of her gallery for your feasting eyes to enjoy!

God bless!



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