Meet Kristy!


Hello friends!

It is not by random chance you’ve encountered my work, fate has led us to cross paths. I’d love to introduce myself a bit before we begin our journey together.

I have traded the desert landscapes of Southern Idaho for the luscious greenery of Southern Illinois. Being still new to the area, I’m fond of finding new secret locations for shooting and exploring!

I love coffee. In the cold days of winter I am consumed with balls of yarn flowing all around me. I love to crochet, and there is nothing better than creatively working with my hands when work is slow with the shutter. And lastly, books. God’s Word, classics, fiction, biography, history. I simply love books.

I’ve been shooting Canon since 2007, although it took me time to master my craft, but the journey has been worth it and so rewarding. 

Photography is an art, but it is a necessary art. People really need to surround themselves with positive associations of those they love. They enjoy their presence daily, but there will come a day when they aren’t around as much, or we just plainly need these gentle reminder of God’s blessings. Our memories fail us, and soon we forget precious moments. A smartphone can capture a lot. Digital cameras have blessed our lives in more ways than I could mention. But having a strong presence in your home through family portraits, (including you, Moms! Exist in photos!) raises the well-being and unity in a family.

My goals are to promote strong families, for individuals to have a strong sense of self-worth, and for people to pursue gratitude. I believe photography fulfills these, and more.